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Wolfram Buchenberg

Wolfram Buchenberg, born 1962 in Engelbolz in the municipality of Rettenberg (Oberallgäu), studied school music and composition with Prof. Dieter Acker at theUniversity of Music and Performing Arts Munich; he also attended Prof.Acker’s master class. Since 1988, Wolfram Buchenberg has taught piano playing for school use at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich. Buchenberg is a very sought-after contemporary composer. His compositional œvre includes works of various genres and styles from solo to orchestral pieces, from musicals to masses. A large number of commissioned compositions for churches as well as for renowned festivals, orchestras and ensembles such as the BavarianRadio Choir document the high quality of his artistic work.He feels a particularly strong affinity to choral music, as is evident in the substantial number of his arrangements and compositions, among others for mixed choir. His music has become omnipresent in the international choral scene. Buchenberg’s modern and at the same time tonal sound language is characterised by colourful harmonies, soloistic elements, the inclusion of spoken texts and the breaking open of traditional rhythmic structures.


Miserere nostri, Domine!

A reflection on Thomas Tallis Miserere nostri, Domine

“I think, both pieces are like very different twins who need each other for making the perfect team. Each piece has, what the other lacks of. What my piece lacks of I don’t tell you of course. Complementarily to Tallis’ Miserere, it conveys the text and the meaning of the text. As I understand it, for Tallis the Miserere-text was only an alibi. You also could underlay very different texts and it would make no difference for his piece. Saying it shortly: Our two pieces are connected by the same text and the fact that they complement one another on account of their antagonism.”

WORLD PREMIERE: Regensburg Tage Alter Musik Festival 2019, Regensburger Dom, 7th June 2019, 'Music of Hope'