Sven-David Sandström

No composer has made such an impression on contemporary Swedish musical life as Sven-David Sandström. His catalogue of works, which includes some 300 compositions, gives proof not only of an impressive productivity, but also contains an amazingly wide range: everything from magnificent operas and oratorios to intimate choral and chamber music.

With his unlikely combination of creativity and diligence in the craft of composition, restless curiosity and firmly-rooted mastery of form, Sandström alternates, to all appearances unconcerned, between a sophisticated orchestral texture and musical melodies, film music and music for the church. In the 2000s he has focused especially on sacred choral music.


Tantum ergo &

O salutaris hostia

Reflections on the plainchant antiphons Tantum ergo and O salutaris hostia.

Tantum Ergo has been generously supported by Michael Straus in honour of Marc Straus, and O Salutaris hostia in honour of Philippa Straus II.

WORLD PREMIERE: 24th February 2018, #Renaissance- Maria, LSO St Luke's, London