Our Singers

The performers in ORA are some of the finest ensemble singers the UK has to offer. Between them they have hundreds of years of choral singing experience and are in high demand by all of the best choral groups the UK has to offer.

ORA Singers’ usually comprises of 18 singers; 6 sopranos, 4 altos, 4 tenors and 4 basses. Recent projects have involved different sized ensembles; 40 singers recently joined us to record two 40-part motet’s, and our Composer Competition Final Concert was an ensemble of 8 singers.

Yet again, this group shows its considerable skill not only in expressive interpretation but in clarity of lines, subtletly of expression, and an ability to maintain an introspective atmosphere throughout.

— Shirley Ratcliffe, Choir and Organ, January 2017 ***** 5 Stars