Whether you’re in the middle of your studies, a part time composer, or a well-known name, we want to hear your fantastic creations.

  ORA singers invites you to apply for its new Open Composer Competition, aimed at finding a talented composer to write a reflective work. Whether you are a recent graduate, established composer, or composing part-time, we want to receive your entries!

From our initial call for scores, we will select 3 individuals who will be asked to write a specific reflection on a piece of Renaissance Music, and these works will be performed and recorded live at our Competition Final concert.

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Applicants should:

  • Have a strong interest in composition and/or choral singing

  • Be intending to pursue a career in music/composition and/or be already involved in the field

  • Be in full agreement with the terms of the competition, including availability for the final concert day


1.  Applicants may be of any age.

2.  Applicants must be resident in the United Kingdom

3.  Applicants for the ORA Singers Open Composer Competition may not also enter the ORA Singers Youth Composer Competition.


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How to apply

Applicants must submit to ORA Singers:

  1. An Entry Composition, or part of a composition, no longer than 10 minutes (pdf score and mp3 sound file). The composition must be an original work and can be for any instrumentation/voices. The composition must be provided as a score (pdf) and sound file (mp3). Please note, the Applicant’s name must be removed from the Entry Composition score pdf.

  2. Application Form. All questions must be answered and applicants will be required to confirm acceptance of the Terms and Conditions outlined in this document. Applicants under the age of 18 will need consent from a Parent/Guardian to participate in the ORA Singers Open Composer Competition. Details and confirmation of consent must be provided on the Application Form.

The Entry Composition and Application Form should be sent via email by noon, Friday, 14th December, 2018, to composer@orasingers.com with '[Applicant Name] - Open Competition' as the subject title.


In order to assist you in completing your application form, we have included an example version below, which we recommend you view before submitting your own. Your application form should include a real signature (not typed), ticked or crossed statement boxes and all of the original content (please do not delete any of the part of the application form). If you have any questions about how to complete the application form, please email Natalie Watson, Project Manager.

Please ensure that you read the full Terms and Conditions before applying to the ORA Singers Composer Competition, which you can download below.

Further Guidance:

The Entry Composition score: The score must be submitted as a PDF, which can be a digital score from music software, or a photograph of a clear and legible handwritten score. Applicants must remove their names from the score as the entries will be judged blind. File names are not important at this stage and can contain the composers name.

Application: Upon receipt of the score and sound file, ORA Singers will rename each score and sound file to an assigned composer reference number, and the files will be judged anonymously. Finalists will be contacted at the beginning of February 2019 at which stage they will be asked to accept their place in the Competition and proof of identity may be required. All other applicants will be notified by the 1st of March 2019 as to whether they have been successful in their application. Please note, ORA Singers is unable to offer specific feedback to first-stage applications.

Composing period:

The three selected finalists will be asked to write a reflection on a piece of Renaissance choral music. Finalists will have from the date of acceptance (at the beginning of February 2019) until the beginning of June 2019 to complete their new composition.

The specific deadline for submission will be outlined in the terms of acceptance, issued to the finalists in February 2019.

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Each finalist will have their work performed in the Competition Final Concert, where it will be judged by our panel of professionals, including ORA Singers' President, Stephen Fry!

Finalists' works will be recorded live, each finalist will receive a copy of the recording, and a competition winner will be announced. Finalists' works may be included in future ORA Singers performances and/or recordings. Reasonable travel expenses will be provided.