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ORA Singers’ Christmas Gift for composers

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As a seasonal special, the award-winning ensemble ORA Singers has announced that it will be supporting 12 new composers this Christmas by offering them a free recording of their Christmas compositions. The new initiative, called Christmas Gift, will select 12 UK-based composers who will have the chance to work with ORA’s world-class vocal ensemble and director, Suzi Digby OBE, before receiving a professional recording of their pieces just in time for Christmas.

Open to UK-based composers of any age, applicants can submit any a cappella Christmas work under 5 minutes in length alongside their biographies in order to be considered for the project. ORA is looking for a broad range of composers, with no age restriction or entry fee. The group hopes to help composers take the next step in their careers by providing a professional recording; whether it be for a college application, prospective commission or portfolio enhancement.

Suzi Digby, the group’s Founder & Artistic Director, comments:

 “We see the ORA Singers’ Christmas Gift as a seasonal way to show our continued support of composers in the UK. We are constantly contacted by superb composers and are aware of the burgeoning talent of choral composition in this country. By recording 12 pieces we hope to help at least some of these composers share and promote their works on a wider stage."

ORA Singers has a reputation for promoting choral composers, having commissioned over 45 new works in the last four years and with a primary aim of 100 new choral works by 100 living composers within 10 years. Christmas Gift follows the sequence of ORA Singers' recent efforts to expand their mission in choral excellence by supporting a new generation of choral composers; which began last year with the launch of their first Composer Competition and educational website, Composer Create.

Full details of the ‘Christmas Gift’ can be found on ORA Singers’ webpage www.orasingers.com/christmasgift, with an entry deadline of the 18th of November, 2019.