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Stephen Fry



ORA Singers is delighted to announce that, earlier this year, Stephen Fry agreed to become our President. Stephen has been a huge fan of ORA's work, and has been following our progress since our Launch back in February 2016. Stephen also recently sponsored one of ORA's commissions, 'Stella' by the Spanish composer, Francisco Coll. Coll had been commissioned by ORA to write his first ever choral work, and upon first hearing it, Stephen jumped at the opportunity to sponsor the piece.

Photograph © Wild Futures

Photograph © Wild Futures

In Stephen's words:

"The ORA Singers have blazed a trail in the live and recorded singing of choral music that is nothing short of inspiring. The glory and directness of their sound makes me think of a musical version of the magical time when the National Gallery started to clean up the Old Masters in their collection to reveal unguessed at life, vivacity and colour beneath the dark varnish. But ORA does else, something invaluable: by commissioning new works from new composers they initiate a conversation between the past and the present, enlivening and informing both. I couldn’t have been more pleased to support one such commission myself and now to accept the role of President of ORA Singers – an entirely, you will be relieved to know, non musical position. I believe our choral tradition is one of Britain’s supreme achievements. ORA leads the way in keeping it fully and gloriously alive. "