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Composer Create

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ORA Singers launches a brand new educational resource for aspiring composers.

As part of ORA Singers mission to capture excellence in choral composition, the group has now focussed its attention on nurturing the next generation of composers. Composer Create, generously supported by Signatur, is a new platform designed to lead an aspiring choral composer through the compositional process from conception to confidence. The brand new resource holds an elaborate mix of worksheets, videos, musical snippets, expert advice and director’s notes, all free and accessible worldwide. This top industry input includes guest content by members of the choir, music professionals and commissioned composers; Janet Wheeler, Richard Allain, Harry Escott & Oliver Tarney.

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The website also reveals the 5 new composers that ORA Singers has chosen to act as mentors in new ORA Singers Youth Composer Competition! In early 2019, 10 carefully selected Youth finalists will be assigned their own personal mentor for 10 hours of compositional lessons. The chosen mentors are Kerry Andrew, Richard Allain, Oliver Tarney, Kim Porter and John Barber.

To round it all off, as well as advice from the leading industry professionals, ORA has recruited rising stars of choral composition to share their experiences of their first steps as emerging composers! The two brand new Bloggers in Residence were selected earlier this year and have committed to one year of blog entries, to encourage and enlighten those who might consider pursuing the same path. ORA Singers has chosen Young Composers, Stephanie Devlin and Rory Johnston to be the company's first two writers, each giving a fortnightly update on their experiences and career developments.

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Head to the brand new website at www.composercreate.com