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Cheltenham Festivals- The Music of Rome

  • Cheltenham College Chapel (map)
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ORA Singers presents a programme inspired by Rome's rich catalogue of Renaissance composers, from Palestrina to Ingegneri, Anerio to Porta. The programme is book-ended by two choral classics, the iconic Allegri Miserere, and the modern masterpiece that is MacMillan's setting of the same text. Renaissance works sit side by side with stunning modern reflections and text settings, including the world premiere of Freya Waley-Cohen's reflection on Anerio's Christus Factus Est.

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Gregorio Allegri - Miserere
Cheryl Frances Hoad - Gaude Et Laetare
Marco Antonio Ingegneri - O Bone Jesu
Giovanni da Palestrina - Improperium
Edmund Finnis - Reflection on Improperium by Palestrina
Felice Anerio - Stabat Mater a 12
James MacMillan - Data est mihi omnis potestas
Felice Anerio - Christus Factus Est
Freya Waley-Cohen - Reflection on Christus Factus Est
Constanzo Porta - Pater Noster
Julia Adolphe - Pater Noster*
James MacMillan - Miserere

* Denotes an ORA Singers commission
+ Denotes a world premiere performance