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Alexander Campkin

Described as 'fresh and attractive' by Gramophone, Alexander's music has attracted the attentions of some of the top ensembles. His work has been performed or broadcast in over thirty countries and features on 20 CDs, one of which was Christmas CD of the Year for Classic FM.

Alexander has received over ninety commissions from organisations including The Royal Opera House, The London Mozart Players, The Royal Ballet Sinfonia, Aldeburgh Music, The BBC Performing Arts Fund, The Swedish Arts Council, New London Children's Choir, Episcopal School of Jacksonville Florida, The Joyful Company of Singers and The Theatinerkirche Vokalkapelle Munich. He has been appointed Composer in Residence of Ampersandance Contemporary Dance Company, The Fulham Camerata Choir and Orchestra, The Cantus Ensemble, The Fourth Choir, The Portsmouth Grammar School, Southampton University Chamber Choir and Neresheim Abbey in Germany.

Alexander studied music at Oxford University, the Royal Academy of Music and the University for Performing Arts in Vienna, receiving tuition from Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Robert Saxton, Stephen Montague, Michael Jarrell and Simon Bainbridge. He has been elected an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music for services to music.


Ave Regina coelorum

A reflection on Tomás Luis de Victoria Ave Regina coelorum

'Ave Regina coelorum' by sixteenth-century Spanish composer Victoria was the starting point and inspiration for my composition which sets the same Latin text. My piece starts on a quiet, mysterious and low note in the basses. This is a very low G, which gradually ascends one note at a time for the first half of the piece. The slow, ascending scale is uninterrupted as it crosses through every voice part and as other musical figures overlap and dance and swirl around it in imitation.

The sopranos arrive at a loud climax on a G three octaves higher than the beginning, on the text 'Gaude gloriosa' (Glorious Virgin, joy to thee). This note slowly descends back through each voice to the starting note in the basses, as the music slows and the surrounding musical figures unwind.

WORLD PREMIERE: 24th February 2018, #Renaissance- Maria, LSO St Luke's, London